What You Should Know About the Use of Belt

A belt is an important item for everyday life. Its function is to tighten the pants so as not to sag. Then, it turns out the initial function of the belt is not to tighten the pants. Belts are adaptable groups, typically made of cowhide or hard garments. Before shopping around to find out the best paski , it’s good to read this article first.

Belts are typically worn around the waist. The belt is binding to pants or other clothing material and is useful for fashion. In modern times, people began wearing belts since the 1920s. Somehow, before that, the belt was only worn for decoration, and much attributed to the military.

There are various types of belts and one of them is made of leather or similar materials. Then decorated with metal. Generally this belt is worn in fashion punk, emo, and metal. Maximize our dress style with belt or belt.

1. First recognize the shape of our body, especially the shape and length of the waist area. This area very determines the type and width of the belt that is suitable for our body.

2. If our body is rather contained at the waist, you should choose a dark belt that is not too wide. Wearing a waist-style belt empire waist (slightly below the breast) can create the illusion of an attractive waist shape. Surely the use of belts in this position will also reinforce the shape of the breast.

3. If you will use a belt in the middle of the waist, select a belt with the front of the smaller so that makes the stomach look slimmer. As much as possible do not use too tight belts and select clothes with a material that is thick enough so that it can disguise body shape.

4. For those of us who are petite with a short waist, you should choose a belt with a small width and match the color of clothing. Do not use belts that are too wide or contrasting to make the body look shorter.

5. For the owner of an hourglass body style, a wide waist belt worn around the hips can make your appearance more perfect. You can also experiment with using a belt on the outside of your thin jacket or cardigan.