These are some diseases that are at risk for pregnancy

Usually, a woman who is pregnant will be more concerned about her health because she is looking for a baby. For that, the examination of pregnant women will be very important to be done regularly. They can check their pregnancy in Chattanooga OBGYN to be more leverage in the examination conducted.

In some cases, indeed happen on some disease or certain disorders that afflict pregnant women. In fact, there are some diseases that are very risky if it occurs in pregnant women, such as

1. Blood Disorders
If you have a blood disorder, such as thalassemia, pregnancy will precisely disrupt your condition. Blood disorders also increase the infant’s risk during pregnancy or after childbirth.

2. High Blood Pressure
Hypertension that is not handled properly can cause your fetus to grow slowly and increase your risk for premature delivery.

3. Depression
This is often happening on someone who pregnant. Depression that is not handled properly will have risk on health and safety of babies in your womb. So consult this with your personal physician.