The authenticity of an image on a website relates to its SEO rank

If you often search for images on Google, I’m sure you must have thought ‘why not have the same image huh?’. As far as I know, it’s all caused by Google algorithms that ‘are able’ to recognize colors in images, so images that have the exact same color composition will be very difficult to appear in search, that’s why we rarely see duplicate images in Google Image. Meanwhile, you can go to to know more about one of the best SEO companies in New York.

So if you want your uploaded image to appear in Google Image and be in position 1, then my suggestion try to create your own image or alternatively try to combine two pictures into one, or if it is still difficult, at least change the size of the image by cropping.

One more way to make the image unique by changing or adding MetaData in the image, how to add this metadata is easy:

1. Right-click on the image
2. Select Properties
3. Open the details tab

On the tab/menu, details will be stored image metadata.