Security tips for Hajj and Umrah

After arriving in the Holy Land, you can buy a local GSM card or use your country card with no international roaming charges. This mobile phone will be very useful if at any time you need help because of getting lost or wanting to find other group members. In the meantime, you might want to visit to find a fine service for your hajj and umrah.

Mobile phones will be very useful if you are lost or separated from the entourage.

Bring Drugs

The air in the Holy Land is not the same as most countries. This situation sometimes makes some pilgrims experience pain. To deal with these kinds of things, make sure you always carry the medicine in the bag for emergencies. If you are sick during the procession of worship, you will not get the perfect Hajj and umroh. Is not that very unfortunate?

Do not Lose Identity Cards

While in the Holy Land, do not lose your identity card. Losing this card will make it difficult for you in many ways. The first time you want to go back to the hotel, or when you later go home. In addition, the identity card will also help you if one day you get lost and can not find the group.

Be Wary of Thieves

Despite the name of the Holy Land, pickpockets and thieves are still there. Especially in a crowded and somewhat chaotic like that. You should always be vigilant with your wallet and valuables. Better to rent a kind of locker to put your luggage.