Protein is highly required for a proper diet

A high-protein diet is a fairly popular diet. Initially developed by Dr. Atkins, and therefore high-protein diets are still commonly referred to as the Atkins diet. But as it progresses, this diet is very much a lot of modifications from other experts. They believe that a high-protein diet provides several benefits, such as being able to suppress appetite for less caloric intake. Diet with a protein intake of 30% of total calories into the body is considered normal today. While the definition of high-protein diet is a diet with a protein intake of 50% or more of the total intake of calories per day. The proper consumption of protein is necessary to get great results.

A high-protein diet with adequate carbohydrate intake, combined with exercise is routinely thought to reduce fat levels in the body and maintain muscle mass. But until now experts have not reached a mutually agreed conclusion about the ability of proteins in reducing appetite. They argue that a diet high in protein reduces the hormones that cause hunger. In addition, there are also conclusions there are also opinions because proteins do not increase insulin levels that reduce fluctuations in blood sugar levels and therefore cause less hunger.

Evidence From Scientific Studies:

According to the American Dietetic Association is still needed further research before the diet can be ascertained as the most successful diet and can be recommended for everyone. Then why is this diet becoming so popular around the world? Regardless of the pros and cons regarding the scientific foundation of this diet, many have tried and succeeded in losing their weight. As an example is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

The test subject is given a diet with macronutrient balance as follows:

-. Fat as much as 20% of total calories

-. Protein as much as 30% of total calories

-. Carbohydrates account for 50% of total calories

As a result, the test subjects reported that they:

-. Feel fuller all day

-. Fewer hungry

-. Weight loss

Another study published in the Journal of Nutrition combines high-protein diets with regular exercise programs. It was reported that those who underwent the diet were able to lose weight.