Know these signs of malfunction in your AC

Freon that runs out is a classic problem and most often experienced by homeowners who call an ac repair service. Endless Freon could be due to a leak in one of the pipes. The ac production error can also be a factor. Well, if Freon ac your house leaked, it will be marked with the oil which leaks from that part. Meanwhile, you can visit to hire the recommended AC repair service in Singapore.

No ac at all is another serious problem. Power connections on ac are usually most likely on this issue. So, you can check the power connection and the fuse on the outlet. However, if you are afraid of other things happening then better call an ac repair service to be more secure.

Another problem that happens is ac becomes ice. This can be caused by 2 factors. If ac occurs ice clumps on a large pipe then better call service ac. It indicates that your ac evaporator is too dirty. So first aid is on filter ac. If there is an iceberg on a small pipe then that is evidence of a lack of Freon gas.

Ac often dead on the outdoor can also be caused due to the ac temperature setting is too high so outdoor commanded system to die. Other things can also happen like damage to a sensor called a Thermistor.