Advantages of WordPress CMS for Blogging from Various Aspects

CMS (content management system) WordPress is indeed able to be used for various types of websites, ranging from blogs to online stores. There are many advantages of WordPress CMS that are not owned by other CMS. Before that, visit to know how to create a WordPress blog well.


1. Free forever
Always free everytime is one of the advantages that make why this WordPress has many users. Yes indeed, anyone in this world can we know that free is one of the most desirable things. What’s more like this WordPress, is complete and rich in features, free again. Of course, many people are using. Indeed, most CMS for the affairs of blogging is free, but there are also paid, the CMS for online stores, forums and more.

However, however, this WordPress can be used as an online store can also be used as a forum. Yes, of course, this should be supported with various plugins that have been developed by developers around the world. This is the advantage you can get using WordPress. So we live pairs wrote, without paying a penny. Yes although others like Joomla is free, it will be easier to learn WordPress. Because this is a lot of forums and communities you can ask the answer.

2. Free set display
The freedom in choosing themes that have been provided for free also become one of the advantages of WordPress cms that should be noticed. because by having a lot of templates that have been provided by various developers, then you can use the template according to the needs and desires. Indeed there is a lot of free, but if you want to use themes that are unique and better, then select only premium themes with prices ranging from 50 thousand to millions of rupiah. So here you will be freer to choose the look like what is right for the blog you have. Although the choice of various themes that vary, there are things that must be considered. Which template should be clean, unique, mobile friendly, human-friendly, SEO friendly, and if necessary that support AMP. So when you install the AMP plugin, the display does not change. Because however, themes themselves have a great influence on on-page SEO.